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Seven dramatic floral designs to transform your home

Seven dramatic floral designs to transform your home

MuralsWallpaper shows how to style dramatic floral designs in a liveable way.

Dramatic florals is a trend that never goes out of style. Florals are suitable for every type of home - think vintage floral patterns for country interiors or modern, botanical style for boho homes. However, it can be tricky to get the balance right between statement and overstatement, so here are seven of our favourite dramatic floral designs, and how to style them.


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Aria is one of the bestselling dramatic floral designs, with a 3D photographic effect. With a moody colour palette of black, pink and green, it's the perfect way to add a touch of sophisticated depth to a space. For this design, we suggest going all out and adding in luxe textures, such as velvet throws and pillows.


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Chloe is another of our most popular designs, using large rose illustrations to create an elegant vintage effect, with soft pinks and purples. The saturated tone of the colours really helps to make it liveable. Chloe is perfect as a feature wall in a bathroom, living room or bedroom. Style with metallic pieces to bring the vintage style into a contemporary environment.

Coyoacán Green

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Coyoacán is a bold design inspired by the traditional Mexican flower paintings of Frida Kahlo. The contrasting green and pink colour palette makes an ideal statement wall, and you can choose to keep your furniture in white tones or go all out with experimental colours and textures to express your personality.


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Not about adding colour into your home? No problem, you can still take on the dramatic floral trend. The monochrome Freehand design is ideal for those who prefer minimal decor but still want a feature wall. Style it with Scandi-inspired furniture, or introduce some colour to the room with your accessories.


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The sister design to Aria, Evelyn offers a more patterned alternative to the photographic floral trend. The pink hues of the petals offset the dark background. Our advice for styling this wallpaper is to go for opulence. If you're thinking about your living room, why not try a velvet sofa?


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If you like the idea of a floral wallpaper but want something different to roses, the Renewal design captures the spirit of the Japanese cherry blossom. The pink tones perfectly complement any neutral space, and you could go full Japandi with minimalistic furniture.


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Ornament showcases how dramatic florals can be the centrepiece of a room without being overpowering. The depth of the dark green background is offset with delicately detailed pink roses. With this design, you can afford to keep your furniture quite traditional, and use rich, dark accessories to bring out the colours of the wallpaper.

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